Rehearsal Plan: March 9, 2023


Here is our song list for Sunday March 10 and March 17:

March 10:

O Worship the King - 9
Beathe on Me, Breath of God -118
Every Praise
All I Wanna Bless Your Name
You Can't Beat God's Giving
God Is My Everything - Vernon
Just As I am

March 17:

Blessed Assurance - 27
Thank You Lord
You Fight On - Margie
Take My Hand, Precious Lord - 339
It's In My Heart - Rev. Weaks
God Is Keeping Me - Marlene
The Lord Thy God - Cathy

Please see the Practice section for these songs for the upcoming rehearsal. The song that Rev. Weaks will sing may be moved per his preference. Saturday we will focus on having the words down for O Worship the King and Breathe on Me.  For the song Every Praise we will experiment singing the song with the stems. We will focus on staying on the beat and singing the song in the correct format. For the familiar songs we will focus on the format and arrangement.