March 17, 2024 - Service Prep


Good Morning Everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed this little break from rehearsal today. Since we didn't rehearse we still need to be prepared for service tomorrow both musically and spiritually. Here is the song list:

Hymn: Blessed Assurance - 27
Chant: Thank You Lord
God Is Keeping Me - Marlene
Chant: I Don't Mind Waiting - Dianne
It's in My Heart - Rev. Weeks
You Fight On - Margie
Invitational: The Lord Thy God - Cathy

Review the arrangment on The Lord Thy God. We will sing through it twice all the way. Solo and choir as recorded. Hopefully we will go into the alter prayer after two times. If not , I will just play a lil to urge the prayer, bringing everything down. When the prayer ends let the music play until the spot where the lyrics are "...And I saw him high and lifted up".  Come in singing on that line. Then repeat the last part "...For ever and ever, Amen" as the spirit directs on the end.

That is the plan but we will have to be flexible as needed!



The song Rev. Weeks will sing, It's in my heart, will have a section that  will be just choir no music. When he says "sing choir" that will be the cue, so don't be alarmed when you hear the music stop playing.  Please watch the director carefully on this one.

Enjoy your Saturday and I hope to see everyone tomorrow morning!